Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Unique Opportunities To Learn English, German In Canada, USA, Irlanda, Malta

 Since i was in highschool, i dreamed to have the opportunity to learn my favorite subject where it's the best to do it. And where can you learn English, in my case, then UK or USA. Two places that i love very much. Two different countries with so many traditions but with so much in common but still so different. It's hard to choose, but still i have my choice. USA here i come...linguaenglish sprachreisen, the project i signed up for...

From the moment i landed, i saw the difference from the European character and USA system. Everybody was doing something, and everybody was not looking to the next one to him, so different then what we have back in Europe. The first impact was that as a nation, they have a cold personality,but in time i will adapt. I was about to make my first call and see how my internal from UCAL is doing. There i was about to spent my next few months. After exams and exams i was accepted in one of the top University from USA. I am nervous, because i am to excited to join the school team. 

 This is the picture of the day. So impressive huu!? I am speachless guys, really. I love this as much as a personal church. It looks like the school that everybody dreams for. Hope that i will prove myself here, and hope that i will manage to pass all the hard exams. During time, more students were expelled for the reason of not passing the exams. It's hard i know, but i dreamed to much to fail now. Everybody has in his live one purpose, mine is in front of me, and i managed to get here with my own forces. It's incredible so far, and hope that this beautiful dream will not stop, and my future work trough linguaenglish sprachreisen program will be a success.